Skin Lightening with DiamondTome, Glo Minerals & The HydroWand Facial

If you have clients that want skin lightening without laser or IPL, you should try DiamondTome diamond microdermabrasion followed by infusion of skin lightening products with the HydroWands. We’ve seen outstanding results infusing Glo Minerals Lightening Serum. The serum has … Continue reading

HydroWand Facial® vs HydraFacial®… what should I do?

If you are considering upgrading your microdermabrasion practice to include dermal infusion of skincare products, (like Silk-Peel, HydroWand Facial, or HydraFacial) you likely have some questions. We put the following questions to Pam Boosalis of Bosali Skin Care in Denver … Continue reading