How to Build Your Skin Care Business

If you’re considering starting a skin care business, or expanding your medical practice to include aesthetic skin care treatments this might help. Success comes as much from good business decisions made early on, as it does from long term patient … Continue reading

The DiamondTome DT2 with HydroPlus: Microderm at a Whole New Level!

Want a wonderful way to improve skin texture, tone, firmness & smoothness? Exfoliation is one of the keys. And DiamondTome is well known as the “industry standard” among cosmetic dermatologists and skin care professionals around the world. Now the makers … Continue reading

Cosmeceutical Product Infusion: A More Complete Picture

Everybody’s talking about infusing product after microderm; sometimes called hydro infusion, dermal infusion, suffusion, epi infusion, or clarifusion. Is it really necessary? What’s it really all about? Will your clients buy it? Does it work? Is infusion necessary? Well, once … Continue reading