Now you can have a safe, simple alternative to opioid pain relief in your practice with the FloeMeter Nitrous Oxide System from Mountain Coast.

FlowMeter NOS System

This fully adjustable 4 tank system works to mitigate discomfort for any Aesthetic Procedure that involves discomfort from injectables, to FUE hair restoration, to minor surgical procedures.

Nitrous Oxide is fast becoming the preferred method for analgesia over opioid and other anesthetic options.

FlowMeter will address your needs and the needs of your patients when it comes to delivering a safe and reliable analgesic for pain mitigation.

It’s an Easy to Use option with simple regulators that give you FULL control over analgesic delivery, and when it’s time to change tanks, FlowMeter gives you two back up tanks so you never miss a beat waiting for fresh ones to be delivered!

Our oral breathing curcuit means “on demand” delivery, and no bulkt tubes to get in your way during facvial procedures.

And you can count on the experts at Mountain Coast for service and support after the sale, as well as training and certification that will satisfy and regulatory or insurance company demands.



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