INTRAcel LASER alternative
INTRAcel performs Bipolar RF microneedling with Impedance Matching technology and coated needles, Monopolar RF microneedling with the same, superficial RF stamping & non RF microneedling all in one package for multi-layered Tx and the most robust results potential of any device on the market.

And while INTRAcel may be new to the the U.S., we have over 6 years of clinical experience overseas, and more peer reviewed clinical papers showing real efficacy than any other device in this space.

See a 15 minute overview video at THIS LINK

INTRAcel delivers 4 layers of skin rejuventation:

Deep Dermal Bi-polar & Monopolar RF
Mid Dermal Bi-polar & Monopolar RF
Superficial Dermal & Epidermal Bi-Polar RF
Superficial non RF Epidermal microneedling for delivery of Growth Factors and other Cytokines
Before and 90 Days After One Treatment
Note the appearance of both textural, skin firming and skin tightening results
Photo Courtesy of Al Rustom, MD, FAAD – Dubai, UAE

INTRAcel is simply the most complete system for RF skin rejuvenation.

To find out more call (303) 489-9203 or send us an EMAIL right now. Schedule a meeting with one of our experts to find out why ITRAcel is the most exciting development in skin rejuvenation since fractional!


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