Livra Wand Skin Care Delivery Kit

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Enhance the delivery, absorption and retention of your topically applied skincare products with the “Livra Wand” Skin Care Delivery System. Livra Wand is Dermatologist recommended.

Livra Wand Kit

“Livra” comes from the Greek root “to deliver”… And Livra delivers healthier, more beautiful skin!

Your skin’s barrier function was designed to keep potentially irritating environmental substances out. And your barrier function works!

The keratinocytes that make up the outer protective layer of your skin slowly dehydrate and form into a layer of “corneocytes” which are like a flexible suit of armor, providing protection against environmental irritants and U.V. radiation.

These corneocytes are constantly breaking down to form “lipids” which settle into layers of fatty, oil-like bubbles that lock together under the corneocytes to prevent the invasion of irritants and pathogens.

And while this barrier keeps your skin healthy and supple, it also keeps the products your doctor and your aesthetician recommend from penetrating as well as they could. And you lose out on the benefit of the product that evaporates or is prevented from penetrating.

But now Livra Wand has been created by a Board Certified Dermatologist to create temporary “micro-channels” through your skin’s natural barrier to enhance the delivery, absorption, retention and benefit of your topically applied cosmeceutical products.

Try it today! Get the Livra Wand Skin Care Delivery Kit which includes:

Qty 1 – Livra Wand
Qty 1 – Sterile Microchanneling Tip
Qty 1 – Alcohol Prep Pad
Qty 1 – Livra Microchannel Delivery Solution – (Hyaluronic Acid with Stem Cytokines)

Use Livra Wand to create micro-channels for deep delivery of the Livra Microchannel Delivery Solution containing a light molecule hyaluronic acid, and an array of the same Stem Cytokines your stem cells produce in order torejuvenate and repair tissue.

Or use Livra Wand to enhance the delivery of any topically applied cosmeceutical product recommended by your doctor or aesthetician!


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